Voltron Data Unveils GPU-Accelerated Data Processing to Boost AI operations

Voltron Data launched a distributed query engine, Theseus, that utilizes GPUs for increased data processing.


With AI progressing rapidly, a bottleneck is developing due to insufficient structured and clean data. Recognizing this challenge, Voltron Data has introduced an innovative solution – a new distributed query engine. Named Theseus, this GPU-accelerated processing engine aims to uplift AI capabilities by significantly amping up data processing.

Key Takeaways:
– Voltron Data launched a distributed query engine, Theseus, that utilizes GPUs for increased data processing.
– It offers 45x faster speed than Spark and is 20x more cost-effective.
– Voltron Data has also acquired AI firm Claypot to enhance its AI capabilities.
– The company recently raised $88 million in a Series A round.

The Power of Theseus

According to a press release from Voltron Data on December 1, companies can’t excel in AI due its dependency on data processing. The inability to quickly expand big data CPU clusters complicates the situation further. Recognizing this, the Mountain View, California-based firm, Voltron Data, initiated Theseus. Its specialty revolves around its functioning on accelerated hardware like GPUs, high bandwidth memory, and more.

Theseus offers compatibility with standard CPUs, including x86 and ARM types. It also integrates smoothly with Nvidia’s accelerated hardware. For developing applications, users can utilize programming languages such as Python, R, Rust, Java, or C++. Additionally, Theseus can coexist with other open source query engines like Apache Spark or Presto.

Besting Competitors

What sets Theseus apart is its impressive speed and cost-effectiveness. The official information from Voltron Data touts Theseus’ ability to run 45 times faster than Spark and cost 20 times less.

The aim of the development of Theseus is to leverage refined computing powers. This helps in processing as much data as feasible, circumventing the requirement for expensive custom hardware or special setups.

Venturing Into AI

Last week Voltron Data also ventured into AI by acquiring Claypot, an AI startup with a focus on feature engineering and MLOps capabilities. Voltron data believes the acquisition will help accelerate their real-time and MLOps product roadmap.

Voltron started its journey late in 2021, led by industry experts Wes McKinney and Josh Patterson. Since then, it has made significant strides forward, with the Theseus engine being perhaps the most notable so far. While it’s early days for Theseus, customers are already benefitting from its GPU-and-CPU optimized data lakehouse through partners such as HPE Ezmeral Software.

Financing and Future Prospects

Voltron Data’s progress has caught the eye of investors. In February 2022, it received $22 million in a seed round from BlackRock and Walden Catalyst. Soon after, it raised $88 million in a Series A round, setting it on a path for future growth.

With the AI industry growing more data-reliant, solutions like Theseus shine a light on the potential future of data processing. Through innovations driven by firms like Voltron Data, the AI industry might overcome the stumbling block of data processing, forging a new path for AI’s implementation across industries.

Voltron Data’s expansions and acquisitions, coupled with the financial backing it has amassed, make it a key player in the AI ecosystem to watch moving forward. The launch of Theseus and the acquisition of Claypot exemplify how Voltron is pushing the boundaries of data processing to propel the future of AI.

While it’s too soon to predict the full impact of Theseus on the future of AI, there’s no doubt that this innovative solution represents an exciting development in the data processing sphere. As Voltron continues to lead the charge in tackling AI’s data processing challenges, the future of AI looks increasingly promising.

Source: [Datanami]

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