Synopsys Unveils fAST Dynamic: A Revolution in Web Security Testing


Key Takeaways:

– Synopsys Inc. introduces a new dynamic application security testing offering, fAST Dynamic.
– The new service is optimized for modern web applications and DevSecOps workflows.
– fAST Dynamic is based on technology acquired from the 2022 acquisition of WhiteHat Security.


Synopsys Inc., a global leader in electronic design automation, unveiled its innovative Dynamic Application Security Testing (DAST) product, fAST Dynamic. The new solution is aimed to enhance the security of modern web applications and streamline DevSecOps workflows. Using technology gathered from its acquisition of WhiteHat Security in 2022, fAST Dynamic is poised to enhance the Synopsys software integrity suite.

The Revolution in DevSecOps

Over the years, Synopsys has continually redefined the boundaries of electronic design automation. With the integration of fAST Dynamic into their suite, the company provides a significant contribution to the arena of DevSecOps, where development, security, and operations form a coherent whole.

As web-based applications become increasingly complex, traditional security testing methods prove insufficient. fAST Dynamic is specifically engineered to meet these modern challenges head-on. It simplifies the testing process, ensuring maximum security with minimal disruption to the development workflow.

Leveraging on WhiteHat Technology

While the introduction of fAST Dynamic is a significant development, it does not occur in a vacuum. Synopsys’ acquisition of WhiteHat Security in 2022 facilitated gainful access to a wealth of new technology, providing the foundation upon which fAST Dynamic was developed.

The combination of Synopsys’ robustness and the ingenuity inherent in WhiteHat’s technology worked synergistically, creating a product that is more than the sum of its parts. Thus, fAST Dynamic stands as a testament to Synopsys’ innovative mindset and a demonstrative benefit of their strategic acquisition.

Enhancing the Synopsys Software Integrity Platform

Synopsys’ International reputation as a reliable and innovative software powerhouse is not an accident. Their commitment to continually innovate and optimize their software integrity platform is reflected in the development and introduction of products like fAST Dynamic.

By offering this advanced tool, Synopsys further underlines its dedication to providing comprehensive solutions for users. It optimizes the security of web applications and streamlines DevSecOps workflows, thus consolidating the Synopsys suite as a one-stop-shop for all software integrity needs.

In conclusion, the introduction of fAST Dynamic symbolizes a significant step for Synopsys Inc. With its optimization for contemporary web applications, it offers a potent solution in the rapidly evolving world of DevSecOps. Powered by technology from its acquisition of WhiteHat Security, fAST Dynamic exemplifies Synopsys’ commitment to continual growth and adaptation in a digital world.

Jonathan Browne
Jonathan Browne
Jonathan Browne is the CEO and Founder of Livy.AI

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