Jimmy Stewart’s AI-Generated Voice Stars in New Calm Sleep Story


The sleep app Calm has launched a new project titled “It’s a Wonderful Sleep Story,” featuring the AI-generated voice of the late Jimmy Stewart, known for his role as George Bailey in the classic film “It’s a Wonderful Life.” This innovative use of AI technology in storytelling marks a significant step in digital media.

Key Takeaways:

  • Calm’s new sleep story features the AI-generated voice of Jimmy Stewart.
  • The story is based on Frank Capra’s “It’s a Wonderful Life.”
  • The voice was created by Respeecher, a Kyiv-based startup.
  • Another living actor provided the performance, which was then processed by AI.
  • The project received consent from Stewart’s family and estate.
  • This development reflects the growing trend of using digital likenesses in media.

AI Meets Classic Hollywood

Calm’s latest sleep story is a heartwarming holiday tale inspired by “It’s a Wonderful Life.” The AI-generated voice of Jimmy Stewart, who passed away 26 years ago, brings a nostalgic touch to the story. This voice acting turn was made possible by Respeecher, the same company that recreated Mark Hamill’s voice for “The Mandalorian” and worked on “Cyberpunk 2077’s” Phantom Liberty DLC.

The process of creating Stewart’s voice involved another actor doing an impression, which was then transformed by AI to resemble Stewart’s voice. Respeecher co-founder and CEO Alex Serdiuk emphasized the company’s commitment to high ethical standards in recreating such iconic voices. Importantly, Calm secured the express consent of Stewart’s family and estate before proceeding with the project, ensuring respect for the late actor’s legacy.

The Broader Implications

This project by Calm is indicative of a larger trend in the entertainment industry, where studios are increasingly interested in creating digital likenesses for various purposes. The use of AI in this context raises questions about the future of posthumous performances and the ethical considerations surrounding them.


Calm’s “It’s a Wonderful Sleep Story” is more than just a novel use of AI technology; it represents a merging of past and present, bringing a beloved actor’s voice to new audiences. As the entertainment industry continues to explore the potential of AI, projects like this could become more common, offering unique experiences while also prompting discussions about the ethical use of digital likenesses.

Jonathan Browne
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